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normally your building insurance will cover any damage to door or frame or locks after a burglary

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Go for Post-Burglary Urgent Security Restoration with Our Emergency Door Repair & Replacement Services in London

In the unfortunate event of a break-in, doors and their frames often suffer extensive damage. Left unattended, these vulnerabilities can put your property and valuables at further risk. ASL Locksmiths is your go-to for emergency door repair and replacement, delivering expert service directly to your doorstep.

Our team of adept locksmiths are at your service around the clock, providing emergency door replacement and repair in London, ensuring that your property is secured without delay, any day of the week. With our swift response and professional approach, we are dedicated to reinstating the safety of your home or business, offering you the much-needed reassurance post-burglary.

Whether it's reinforcing a compromised frame or a complete door replacement, our priority is to restore your security as quickly and efficiently as possible. Experience the peace of mind that comes with immediate and expert door security solutions. Your doors are the most vulnerable part of your property. Make sure they’re properly protected with ASL Locks.

Emergency Door Replacement London

We specialise in emergency door replacement for london. The strongest product we offer; Titan doors are manufactured from steel and contain 22 solid steel bolts that engage into the solid steel frame. Over 100 models to choose from, available in any size or colour. Adheres to all safety & fire regulations and will not warp or rot.

  • Solid Hardwood Doors
  • Titan Doors
  • Communal Doors
  • door Changing.
  • Solid Doors
Steel Security Door Replacement London

Ensuring the security of your premises following a burglary is paramount, serving not only to safeguard your home or commercial space but also to restore your sense of tranquillity. ASL Locksmiths specialises in a same day door replacement service that is efficient, straightforward, and dependable. Our sturdy and resilient doors are designed to secure your property, affording you a restful night's sleep.

  • Hardwood Doors
  • Titan Doors
  • Communal Doors
  • Door Changeing
  • Solid Doors
Emergency Door Replacement London

LOCKED OUT SERVICE – When you are locked out of your house you can count on a reliable & experienced mobile locksmith to be with you in 15 min. Our Master locksmiths are fully qualified and can open any lock without damage in 95% of cases. If we cannot pick your lock, we also offer on-the-spot lock change service.

  • Lock Installation
  • Dead Locks
  • Sash Locks
  • Digital Locks
  • Door Closer
  • Safes
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  • Emergency Door Replacement
  • Emergency Door Repairs
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  • Frame Repairs or Replacement
  • General Burglary Repairs
  • Same Day Wooden Door Replacement
  • Titan Steel Security Doors
  • Security Grills
Certified Door Replacement Service London

Emergency Door Repair, Door Replacement Service after Burglary Established in 1998

If you've experienced the misfortune of a break-in, stay composed – we're here to meticulously restore and enhance your property's security. Be assured, damages to your doors, frames, or locks incurred through burglary are typically covered under your building insurance.

For an immediate response, contact us. We'll dispatch one of our master carpenters to address and repair any burglary-related damage, any time of day, every day of the week. With our expertise, we'll ensure everything is not just restored to its former state, but reinforced to be stronger and more secure.

Your safety and peace of mind is just a call away.

We Specialize in Burglary Repairs

Also Focus on Steel Security Doors and Door Replacement

Registered Keys and General Locksmith Services.

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Emergency Door Replacement

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Emergency Door Replacement London
Emergency Door Repair London

Discover the stark contrast between vulnerability and security with our before-and-after showcase. To the left, you'll see the remnants of a wooden door - a victim of burglary, brutally damaged around its lock. It's a candid depiction of a door's weakness exposed.

To the right, observe the transformative solution by ASL: a door replacement that not only aesthetically mirrors the original but brings a formidable upgrade in strength and durability. This isn't just any hardwood door; it's a reinforced sentinel, laminated and fortified with a solid core hardwood centre, significantly increasing the door's mass and resistance. Beyond robustness, it offers an additional layer of safety with a 30-minute fire resistance rating.

Choose ASL for your door repair and replacement needs, and elevate the fortitude of your property with doors that stand the test of time and trial.

24/7 Emergency Same Day Frame/Lock/Door Repair, Replacement After Burglary
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Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in London

Jan Williams

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in LondonGreat locks. Its quite a high crime area, but no break-ins since ASL fitted these. Also, they seem impossible to copy for the high street key cutting shops - which is extra security for us. Great.

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in London

Benedetta La Corte

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in LondonVery hardworking and trustworthy firm. Ian and his assistant worked tirelessly all day to fit our new door and delivered an excellent result. Ian was clearly very knowledgeable and gave very helpful suggestions on how to improve the security of our building. I tried repeatedly to offer refreshments but they always refused, they were really polite and did their best to cause the least disruption. When they finally finished (it was dark already!) they were going to tidy up but I thought I'd spare them the final task! Very happy and would recommend wholeheartedly.

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in London

Michael Benhamou

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in LondonThis company has done an excellent job for me, from finding a way to get the door setup in a short time-frame, to actually setting a nice beautiful and strong door that looks very good in my flat. I have and will recommend it to friends and family

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in London

Gabrielle Lang

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in LondonI requested for a new door and locks to be fitted after having been burgled. Henry, the carpenter, was lovely and meticulous. He stayed until the job was completely finished and was very polite. Good quality door.

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in London

Anuita Woodhull

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in LondonSeamless service, very responsive and customer friendly. Many thanks for the quick work.

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in London

Ignacio Gil-Casares

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in LondonService was fantastic. We had 2 guys installing the door very quickly and now feel much safer. Thank you!

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in London

Simon Darby

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in LondonReceived great service and very convenient for ordering extra required keys etc.

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in London

Tim Brown

Testimonials of Emergency Door Replacement Users in LondonWanted a solid steel door but wanted it to look just like a normal door from the outside. ASL doors are exactly that. Defiantly feel safe with these doors on the front and back of my house. Really friendly people too.